An Exclusive Offering of Rare Hand Bags and Accessories

On March 5th, 2020 you can participate in the largest, most important sale of Hermés handbags ever seen. Over 200 different Hermés Birkin, Kelly, Constance, and other bags, of the utmost rarity and desirability, will come to the auction block in Greenwich, Connecticut. Bags and accessories in every color, every leather, and every price range are represented in this historic sale. And the vast majority of the items are store-fresh and offered with the original sales receipt! Bid live, by telephone, or online – be a part of this important auction event!


March 5, 2020 at 1PM
Preview at 11AM

The J House Greenwich
1114 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878

Please bring your iPad or cell phone to the live auction for the best catalog viewing experience. Thank you.

Registration is Closed


Meet the Rarest Birkins and Kellys in the World at Greenwich Luxury Auctions

It’s unusual that we see Hermès bags that are so rare even we are stunned—it’s our job, after all, to keeps tabs on anything and everything Hermès. That said, everyone at PurseBop HQ was floored when we first peeked at the Greenwich Luxury Auctions’ Rare Handbags and Accessories Sale…


Hermés Resources

We have gathered below some helpful articles, courtesy of, related to this special auction. We hope that you find these insightful.

The Hermès Himalayan: All Your Questions Answered

When we think luxury, we think Hermès. When we go a tad further and think beyond ‘mere’ luxury, one thought prevails: Hermès Himalayan. As one of the rarest and most exclusive handbags in the world, any mention of a Himalayan Birkin or Kelly can make even the most distinguished handbag aficionado salivate. Himalayans are, without doubt, the crème de la crème of the luxury world.

Reference Guide: Comparing Birkin and Kelly Sizes and Styles

If any of these thoughts have ever run through your head, you’re in the right place. The diagnosis? An Hermès obsession—we’re right there with you. Sometimes it’s hard to decide between styles (whether you’re considering your personal preference or actually looking to score a Birkin or Kelly), and it’s not uncommon to find yourself going back and forth over the options, pondering, ruminating, wondering.

The 2019 Guide to Hermès Special Orders

For an Hermès lover, being offered a new Birkin or Kelly is an event. It’s hard to perfectly describe the rush, though PurseBop repeatedly searches for the right words in documenting those special moments—heart pulsing with anticipation, handles peeking out of the dust bag, gloved hands proudly holding the latest for inspection and admiration.

The Hermès Kelly 20 is Hot

First comes love. Then comes rejection. And back to love. That seems to be the fickle fashion cycle for the Hermès mini Kelly, also known as the Kelly 20. As you may recall, orange lovers were all abuzz in 2015 and 2016 with anticipation and then release of this wee copy of Princess Grace’s famed bag. It was impossible to get so, naturally, everyone wanted it. Until they didn’t.

What’s the Favorite Hermès Gray?

Hermès newest gray release has re-sparked our community obsession with neutrals. All of your fabulous comparison shots of everything from “Gris Asphalte vs. Gris Tourterelle” and “Etain vs. Etoupe” inspired us to compile a comprehensive visual diary as a useful reference for those still in search of their perfect neutral.

Sterling Silver Hermès Mini Kelly

As if you weren’t already envious (or at least admiring) of the collective Kar-Jenner handbag closets, Kylie Jenner wins the medal for this one… It’s the uber-rare Kelly 15 made of sterling silver!!! That’s right… this isn’t a piece of silver jewelry, or a bag charm. Rather, it’s an actual functioning metallic Kelly bag. This bag is one of the five (yes FIVE!!!) Hermès bags making up Kylie’s Christmas haul.